Little Stranger & DENM at Sunshine Theatre

Little Stranger & DENM Tickets

Sunshine Theatre | Albuquerque, New Mexico

Little Stranger & DENM

Right here at the awe-inspiring Sunshine Theatre, we endeavor to provide you with the wildest experience conceivable! That's precisely why in this spring, the hardest hitting rap/hip-hop musician of the current generation is set to kick off a explosive show on our stage!

Just in case you haven't already deduced, Little Stranger & DENM is getting ready for a long-anticipated stopover at the stunning Sunshine Theatre in dynamic Albuquerque, New Mexico. The party never ceases at this event, as Little Stranger & DENM delivers flames and releases the most significant bangers of all time. Get ready to get plunged into the universe of hip-hop - among the primary cultural trends in history. The spectacle is scheduled to take place on Sunday March 2024. So pencil in the date and prepare yourself for an utterly fun moment!

At this juncture, we're undeniably sure that it'll be impossible for you to come. So, take action and get hold of your tickets without delay prior to them being fully booked for the event! Little Stranger & DENM eagerly awaits seeing you in the near future!

Hip hop music is a way of life for most of you, you might even consider yourself a lyricist! Watching some dope tracks thumping through those speakers in that packed crowd, its crazy! So are you or are you not searching for he ultimate rap shows to go see this spring? You know 2024 will be SO MUCH better with events booked in...You can't put a price on the anticipation of some incredible live rap music! Well if you didn't already get the memo....Little Stranger & DENM will be heading to New Mexico, Albuquerque on Sunday 3rd March 2024 AND word has it that it'll be the biggest night of rap this year! Little Stranger & DENM will be hosted by the smashing Sunshine Theatre of New Mexico, Albuquerque, this is set to be a huge Sunday evening for all hip hop fans in March so ensure that you grab your tickets well in advance! We can facilitate the whole process if you click the 'GET TICKETS' button you'll find on this page!

Little Stranger & DENM at Sunshine Theatre

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